JT SplatMaster - General Shooting - Safety

Following a few simple safety guidelines will keep you and everyone around you safe. Have fun AND always keep safety top of mind. - Every person within range must wear JT SplatMaster Optix or eyewear designed specifically to meet ASTM standards (All JT masks meet or exceed ASTM standards). - Treat every JT SplatMaster as if it were loaded. - Never look down the barrel of your JT SplatMaster marker. - Keep the Safety "ON" until ready to shoot. - Keep your finger out of the trigger guard and away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot. - Keep the barrel blocking device in the barrel when not shooting. - Store unloaded and in a secure place. - Do not shoot at fragile objects such as windows and never point and SplatMaster marker at anything you do not wish to shoot. - Remember that the ultimate safety device is you, the operator. - For more details, be sure to read all product manuals.

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